Metro Select League's Code of Conduct

 All participants in the Metro Select Soccer League are expected to:

  1. Act as ambassadors for their teams, clubs, districts and league

  2. Participate in the spirit of fair play, co-operation and respect for others at all times.

  3. Comply with rulings by officials, coaches, managers, or any other person in a position of authority or responsibility.

  4. Respect the rules of the game.

  5. Perform to their best ability and accept with pride the result their effort brings.

  6. Respect the rights of the residents of the Host Association and members from other clubs, districts, and leagues.

  7. Regard participation in the Metro Select League as a privilege.

  8. Respect the Clean Air policy and ban on smoking at venues and facilities.

  9. Not breach the requirements of the British Columbia Soccer Association Harassment Policy.


Welcome to Metro Select League (MSL) for boys and girls age 12 to 17. It is a highly competitive youth soccer league for the best District wide teams in the BC Lower Mainland.


The regular schedule runs from the first weekend after Labour Day through to approximately mid-March. The League schedules games on a  Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

The Metro Select League was the amalgamation of the Girls Metro League and the Boys Select League in 2011. The goal was to form a stronger and most competitive soccer league for boys and girls in the Lower Mainland.

The Boys Select League was formed in 1984 to run the top teams from each Lower Mainland Districts including Vancouver Island. The league has been very successful for many years and has introduced many changes to the running of soccer, most notably the introduction of player I.D cards, later implemented by BCSA for all players.  Also player “Permits” which allow teams to pull players from young age group teams or from a lower division team on a one game per permit as was needed.  This has now been adopted by most Leagues.



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